trail_plansOur goal is to build sections of trail with independent use along the old railroad grade, eventually tying them together to complete a 34 mile linear park from Concord to the shore of Lake Sunapee. Some towns and organizations have already improved sections of trail along or tying into the original grade. In other areas we will need to plan and coordinate with private owners, infrastructure teams and communities to restore or re-route a workable trail. In our initial efforts, we are identifying and establishing strategic sections of the trail, leveraging some existing trails in each town to help define a basic route and reinforce our long-term vision.

Contoocook Village

Contoocook Village

The core team at CLSRT has representation from each of the towns to coordinate the end-to-end trail vision and efforts. Each town will also have its own team or teams focused on the needs and projects specific to that town.

We will respect the desires of landowners along the trail for quiet usage, and work in close collaboration with all landowners to understand their needs and concerns.

We will collaborate with the snowmobile organizations in areas of the trail that are already in use by snowmobiles. In these shared sections of the trail we will need to establish signs and usage guidelines to ensure that the trail is safe for multi-use.

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