Support the Warner Conservation Commission on 4/5/17 as they hold a public hearing to conserve property adjacent to Bagley Field.

Snowshoe tracks at Bagley Field

Snowshoeing on the rail trail at Bagley Feb 20, 2017

A couple of years ago the friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail asked NH Department of Transportation if they would consider declaring a parcel of land in Warner surplus. We thought the parcel would be of keen interest to the Warner Conservation Commission because it borders a long stretch of the Warner River in an area where the Conservation Commission has conserved other parcels. The state has declared the parcel surplus.  The town has negotiated the price down.  The Conservation Commission wants to proceed with the purchase and this meeting is a necessary step in the process.

Please show your support by speaking in favor of the town of Warner purchasing this parcel of land from the state of NH for $7,100 on April 5th at 7:00 PM at Warner Town Hall, 5 East Main St.  Funds to come from the Conservation Fund.

This parcel abuts the town owned Bagley Field property where the town soccer fields are – and where an improved section of rail trail is located. This spring we will be improving the rail trail surface on more of the Bagley Field property and re-decking an iron truss bridge extending the trail to where it meets the parcel being offered to the town.

We believe the value of the parcel being offered to the town is an exceptional value for the community purely from the conservation standpoint of protecting water quality, protecting habitat, and bringing control of the property’s future use into town hands.
In addition, there may come a time when the rail trail may want to cross part of this parcel along the old railroad grade. The old grade is partially on this parcel and partially on land that is within the I-89 corridor. So by itself this parcel is not all that’s needed to extend the trail towards town, but it is a necessary step.
It is our goal for the trail to be an outdoor classroom that connects residents and visitors to the natural environment along the route. We believe the rail trail will provide an ideal platform for inspiring people of all ages to appreciate nature while preserving the natural habitat.

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