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NH CDFA Tax Credits

December of 2023 Update: We’ve been granted additional NH-CDFA Tax Credits! These are additional funds for Concord. NH Businesses, please consider supporting the Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail using Tax Credits.

Here’s a short video we produced.

The Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail is fortunate to have been selected by the New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority for a Tax Credit award of $290,000 to help construct a 1.25 mile section of trail in Concord.

The portion in orange above is supported by Tax credits.

These tax credits can be used by businesses to pay the New Hampshire Business Profits Tax, The New Hampshire Business Enterprise Tax or the New Hampshire Insurance Premiums Tax. If your business pays any of these taxes to the state of New Hampshire please contact Tim Blagden (tsblagden@clsrt.org) or George Hunton (ghunton@nhcdfa.org or 603-717-9116) at New Hampshire Community Finance Development Authority.

NH CDFA Tax Credits are a way to have more community impact with the very limited funds a business has to invest back into the community. A lot more impact. This is not just another way to make a donation to a worthy cause. They multiply the impact of your dollars and provide you with additional flexibility. They are simple to use. But they are for businesses only. Over 600 unique businesses have used NH CDFA Tax credits since 2016. Many come back again and again once they discover the impact they have.

Our project in Concord will complete the longest single section of trail we’ve built to date. Its a great section of trail taking users from Fisherville Rd (Rt 3 in Concord) to the RiverHill section of the city by the Contoocook River. Riverhill Market, Contoocook Kayak & Canoe, Murray Farms Greenhouse, Friends of Forgotten Children, the River Hill Grange and more are all near the west end of this project.

These businesses have already decided to help us with NH CDFA Tax Credits. We hope you will join them.