CLSRT Trail Maps

Stevens Rail Trail – Warner Exit 7 Davisville to Hopkinton

In Warner, park to the right of the trail gate alongside Old Warner Road in Davisville. In Hopkinton, park to the right of the Hopkinton library by the kiosk and walk/ride along the back access road to the intersection of Spring Street and Krzyzaniak Lane. Cross the road here and you will see orange trail gate.

Bradford – Tilly Wheeler Trail and Lower Lake Todd

Warner story walk – Depot Street to Joppa Covered Bridge

Warner Rail Trail at Bagley Field in Warner, NH

Concord, NH Fisherville Road to Carter Hill Road

The parking area at 25 Fisherville Rd is now open. You will find parking for 7 vehicles, a bicycle fix station with pump, and a kiosk with trail information. Three quarters of a mile of trail starting at the parking area has been completed with a fine stone dust surface. That is shown above in the green and yellow sections. The remaining 1.75 miles can be biked or walked on the existing surface.

In December of 2021 we put down a base layer to reach gate by Bog Rd. This is the section in red above. We anticipate putting the final surface on that section in late spring/early summer of 2022. Your donations will help this happen sooner.

The final section shown in orange we are also raising funds to complete. The NH Community Development Finance Authority has granted us Tax Credits to fund $200,000 of this project. You can help by asking businesses to support the trail by paying their tax bill with tax credits. (Link for businesses to make a pledge.) Click here to see a video we produced talking about tax credits.

19 thoughts on “CLSRT Trail Maps

    1. Tim Blagden

      Tom, We don’t have a single map showing all sections. We have to be very respectful of private property owners who have not yet decided to work with us. We don’t want to be seen guiding people onto their property. We will be adding a map of the Concord section from Fisherville Rd to Carter Hill Rd in the next week. Otherwise, sections of the trail we have improved are on the website. I hope this helps.

  1. Nathan

    Hey there thank you for this! Could you include a searchable address for parking at all the trails. This would be a big help! Thx:)

  2. Janet Hunt

    I am interested in the plans specifically from the Concord/Fisherville trail. We rode the trail yesterday and it seemed to come to an abrupt stop next to a store by Horse Hill Road. We couldn’t figure out where to go next as there was no signage to direct us. Could you please advise where the trail goes from there?

    1. Tim Blagden

      Over the long term we hope to build a connection from Carter Hill Rd to Lehtinen Park on Horse Hill Rd. But we don’t have access to the private property we would need to make this connection. In the mean time you can take Carter Hill Rd to Horse Hill Rd for an on street connection. Please always respect the rights of the private property owners.

  3. Rod Helwig


    I live in the Vineyards just off Bog road and a mile from this section of the Concord-Lake Sunapee trail. I have walked and biked the trail several times and it is always enjoyable. (Actually I am even closer if I could take the Bull Meadows drive.)

    Since I am so close, do you need any volunteers for maintenance of this section of the trail between the Fisherville Road parking area and Carter Hill road? If so I would be glad to help.

    1. Tim Blagden

      Hi Rod,
      We will be looking for some volunteers along this section. We just completed phase three of the Fisherville Rd to Carter Hill Rd section and plan on building the remainder to Carter Hill later in 2023. Come visit us at Market Days June 22-24 on Main St in Concord or send us an email at and we can figure out what would be fun for you to do.

  4. Diane Newbury

    Hello, We just discovered this wonderful trail and biked yesterday from the Hopkinton library to Davisville and back. We enjoyed the spur trails; what fun! We were fortunate to see a barred owl along the Hemlock Loop. The trail was short, though – does it not continue on yet? Are there any longer sections, and is this still an active project?

    1. Tim Blagden

      Hi Diane,
      Glad you enjoyed the trail. When you reached the gate at Spring St in Contoocook there is a way to cross Spring St to reach the Hopkinton Playing Fields and then continue on their dirt drive to the Hopkinton Library. In the fall of 2023 the trail will continue from the library to Kearsarge Ave. We are continuing to develop new sections of trail as we gain access to land from the landowners. Follow along as we make progress. We strive to build at least one new section every year.

  5. Heidi Page

    Thanks for this WONDERFUL bike trail! It would be great if on each map you indicated milage one way, so people could choose how long of a ride they want to do. Thanks!

    1. Tim Blagden

      This trail is coming together in short separate sections. Trailheads are at 25 Fisherville Rd, Concord NH; 60 Houston Dr, Contoocook, NH (Hopkinton Library); Bagley Field Rail Trail in Warner, High St at Route 103 in Bradford.


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