2018 Rail Trail Projects

Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail was awarded an RTP grant by the NH Bureau of Trails to improve the surface of the Stevens Rail Trail in Hopkinton and create a smooth stonedust multiuse path from the end of the Stevens Rail Trail to route 103 in Warner by exit 7. In some places the trail held up well, but decades of deferred maintenance of the old drainage ditches have made a mess in other places.  Look for improvements to the trail to start happening this fall with the whole 2 mile project complete before the snow flies.

Additionally we are excited to start working on our first section of trail in Bradford.  Friends of the Concord Lake Sunapee Rail Trail partnered with the Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club and the Rural Heritage Connection of Bradford to create this extension of the Tilley Wheeler Trail including a new bridge parallel to the rt 103 crossing over Lake Todd.  Steel for the bridge arrived in early October and should be placed soon.  The bridge will then be decked and the trail built from High St to the bridge on one end and from Church St to the bridge on the other.


One thought on “2018 Rail Trail Projects

  1. Barbara Southard

    I’m excited about these developments and have been thinking about how great it would be to start a bike share program in Bradford using donated bikes and time for repairing/maintaining them. Is there anyone else out there who might be interested in this? Thanks.


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